I was an admin, but I'm not an admin any more. I will load up the Image with an other name (I'm still working on it), but an admin has to load it down and load it up again as a new version of Bielde:Wiki.png.--Heinz 18:31, 18. Mee 2009 (UTC)Beantworten[Beantworten]

Have you already told the admins what they have to do?--Heinz 18:57, 18. Mee 2009 (UTC)Beantworten[Beantworten]


Iek hääbe ju Doatäi hoochleeden. Fuul tunk! Gröitnis Kening Aldgilles 20:08, 18. Mee 2009 (UTC)Beantworten[Beantworten]